When doing embedded programming, a serial connection is often indispensable, and for this a serial client is needed.

My first experience with such a client was minicom, but I find this overly complicated and non-intuitive. (Which is expected from a program designed to control modems...)

Then I tried GtkTerm. But who needs a GUI to use a terminal, when we have xterm, urxvt, Terminator, etc? Besides that, I found it cumbersome to change and preserve settings.

After my first two attempts, I defaulted to GNU Screen, which was simple and easy to use - just run $ screen /dev/ttyUSB1 <baud> and you are going. But again, screen suffers from being a multiplexing terminal manager, and not just a simple serial terminal.

Go TTY - The really simple TTY terminal application

I recently got introduced to GoTTY, which is exactly what I need: I simple TTY terminal application. All it does it to connect to the specified TTY device, using the given options. It even reconnects if your devices cuts the power to the usb-to-serial chip during reset cycles.

For those who prefer Arch Linux, I packaged GoTTY in AUR - both the latest release and git head.

GoTTY screencast